The food that we eat today is laden with pesticides and fertilizers and to make matters worse they are also subjected to coloring, waxing and a lot more to make them look appealing and taste good!

To ensure that the crop grows faster, with maximized yield, all of the farming practices today are leaning on usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The fresh looking vegetables & fruits you are picking from the supermarkets/markets today are not so fresh after all!

Ill effects of pesticides/fertilizers:

  • Increases the exposure to many life-threatening diseases like Cancer, Endrocrine Complications, Heart Aliments, Infertility and Sterility & Brain Damage
  • Infants and pregnant women are more sensitive to the toxic effects of pesticides than adults
  • Children often eat more relative to their body weight. This can lead to a higher exposure to pesticide residue per pound of body weight
  • In children it has the potential of causing reduced IQ, Learning Disabilities, Less Stamina & Poor Memory

It’s time to make a change!

Growing your own food has never been more popular. With the increased usage of pesticides and fertilizers in our food chain the demand for naturally frown food is ever increasing!

Going back to nature to feed ourselves, seems to excite a lot of people.

  • It provides plenty of tasty and chemical free greens round the year
  • The fresh outdoor helps release stress and energizes the mind & soul

The best solution recommended by health experts across the globe to reduce the pesticide exposure is to grow your own food. A practice which has become increasingly popular across the globe with proven benefits.

Way Forward… Allotment Farming

Own your health – Own an Allotment.

An allotment farm is a plot of agricultural land made available for growing food plants for personal consumption.

We offer allotments where you can grow vegetables and herbs.

  • It helps build a community that focuses on eating healthy and conserving the environment by maintaining a balance and following clean practices
  • Our children can become more aware of the benefits of good nutrition and understand where their food comes from
  • There is nothing better than growing your own food while enjoying the benefits of outdoor life and spending stress free time with family and friends

At Rewild Life Biodiversity Farm the allotments have been prepared by our experts.

  • We facilitate the work required to maintain your allotment. This ensures that you enjoy the goodness of your produce and allotment to the optimum
  • We take care of all your farming requirements such as provisioning seeds, saplings, organic manure, weeding, watering, manpower and maintenance

Take charge of your health today

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