iNurture Nature is an experiential education program started with the idea of helping our community to come and be a part of nature and cherish it for their well-being.

iNurture Nature is for everyone and we have special programs that we host for:

At Rewild Life the age old Chinese proverb comes alive with our iNurture Nature program:

I hear, and I forget …

        I see, and I remember …..

                I do, and I understand …….

We believe that experiential learning is the only way forward to help us learn and apply the knowledge and pay it forward!


Schools & Colleges Program

At the heart of all learning is the way we process our experiences, especially our critical reflections on our experiences. This module introduces experiential education as a key approach to student-centered learning for a sustainable future.

Experiential learning engages students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in contexts that are personally relevant to them.

Today’s advancement of science and technology has led to:

  • Younger generation spending more time indoors on gadgets and entertainment
  • The competitive academic environment around them pushes them away from outdoor activities
  • Inactive lifestyle leading to poor diet and consumption of processed food items

The sedentary lifestyle comes with its disadvantages of poor health and low IQ levels. The way forward for our generations to come is to connect back to their roots and come closer to nature for a better and more fulfilling life. Connecting back to nature helps:

  • Improve resilience to stress
  • Reduce attention disorders, depression and anxiety
  • Support creativity and cognitive functioning
  • Build confidence
  • Increase physical activity thereby reducing obesity and lethargy
  • Develop their respect and responsibility for the Environment

iNurture Nature – an experiential learning program!

  • Helps connect children to their natural environment through fun and learning
  • Builds on their innate wonder and curiosity about nature
  • Encourages them to conserve, protect, cherish and love the natural world around them
  • Creates opportunities for Creativity – enables young minds to engage the creative part of their brain and seek solutions and apply their knowledge to theory
  • Accelerates learning
  • Improves attitude towards learning
  • Prepares them for a better future


Corporate Program

iNurture Nature has something to offer to everyone. We have designed a special section for corporates too, bearing in mind the time limitation and lifestyle needs. The program enables corporates to engage their teams in a meaningful manner helping them:

  • Bond better as a team by working together on activities at the farm
  • Helps the team to destress and relax by engaging in fun activities and enjoying the outdoors in abundance
  • Create a sense of belonging and community by working together on the field and learning in the process

We have half/full day programs as well as programs that help corporates engage in a long term program (monthly/quarterly activities) that can be tailored to suit the needs of the organization.


Individuals Program

Have you ever tried planting a sapling or sowing a seed? Then water it regularly and wait for it to grow?

And oh that feeling of being a creator when you see the first leave turning up in your pot or garden. The joy it brings in seeing it bloom and grow!!

If you are someone who has never been this close to nature or are an individual who enjoys gardening/farming and knows their way around nature and plants – come join us for workshops that focus on:

  • Urban Gardening
    • Manage your kitchen waste – learn the art of composting at home
    • Enjoy kitchen gardening for a regular supply of herbs and some veggies
    • Getting creative with gardening and hosting natural habitats that attract butterflies and birds
    • Learn the art of infusing herbs for the perfect cup of tea


Come be a part of this change and experience the change it brings to your life!

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